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Max Invest Management Ltd has been established to provide investment management services to offshore funds and Investment Trusts. For further information on the Malta Financial Services Authority, please click here.

The Company currently provides investor relations and management services to 12 Investment Trusts which are UK based and listed on the London Stock Exchange.  Our portfolios are exclusively invested in financial companies, principally banks, quoted on the world's stock markets. Our corporate philosophy is that consistent out-performance is more likely to be achieved by specialisation than it is from the generalist approach, which currently prevails across most of the fund management industry. Our corporate objective is to be the best manager of financial stocks in the world.

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Stock markets comprise of many sectors and at any point in time a number of these sectors will be in economic decline and will produce below average returns to investors. The financial sector is not immune to these cycles. However, financial companies, and in particular banks, play a crucial and central role in free market economies.

Money transmission is perhaps the single most important function performed in any free market economy and it is the banks’ dominance of this function that gives them tremendous economic muscle.

This role will ensure that banks endure whilst other sectors come and go. Green Plants believes that investors should only invest in those sectors that have superior long-term economic prospects and, crucially, which are undervalued. It believes that the World’s financial sector is one such sector.

By focusing on only one sector Green Plants believes that it is able to develop a level of expertise and understanding of that sector that generalist fund managers cannot. Green Plants believes that in future pension funds and others will increasingly use specialist advisors to advise them specifically and solely on the allocation of their assets across sectors and will then place the designated funds with specialist investment managers in those sectors.


Standard Register provides information services to the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation industries in Malta

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We have 9 Investment plans with different daily profits which depend on deposit amount. We propose you one types of investment period: 70 days. During the investment period your profit is accumulated in your account each business day and can be withdrawn, anytime.

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